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As a plugin rack in your DAW or as a fast and flexible music production tool, Reason is ready for your music-making.

Want to record your first song or looking to add a powerful expansion of instruments and effects to your current setup up at an inbelievable price? Reason Intro comes with a selection of amazing synthesizers, instruments and effects that will boost your music-making, whoever you are. Use it stand-alone with studio-grade recording and mixing tools or use it as a plugin in your favorite DAW.

Reason Intro is a powerful collection of virtual instruments, effects and production tools where musical ideas and amazing sounds comes to life. With the essentials of Reason’s full arsenal of instruments, effects and production tools, Reason Intro is a perfect introduction to making music on the computer. If you are already using another DAW, Reason Intro is a bargain expansion package of synthesizers, instruments and effects. Use it as a plugin with your favorite DAW or produce music in Reason standalone. 

Virtual studio rack

At the heart of Reason is a virtual rack where you craft the sounds your music needs, from scratch or from Reason’s huge library of sounds. Synthesizers, instruments and effects–as many as you need. Reason covers every need from the synthetic and electronic to acoustic and organic. 

As you build your rack, everything is automatically connected and routed for you. If you want to dive deeper, turn Reason’s rack around and you’ll find yourself in modular heaven! Experiment and play around until you find the sound you are after by routing audio and control voltage freely between devices in the rack. Your imagination is the only limitation to what you can build. 

With a multi-gigabyte supply of synth sounds, sampled instruments, drum kits, loops and effects, Reason's built-in sound bank comes packed with everything you need to make any style of music. The integrated browser helps you quickly find and try thousands of sounds across a huge sound library. 

Reason as a plugin

Using the Reason Rack Plugin you can make music with all of Reason Intro’s instruments, effects and sounds in your DAW. Used like this, Reason Intro is a fantastic expansion to your studio setup with its synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, MIDI effects, sampled instruments and creative effects. 

The instruments and effects can be used just like in Reason. Stack them, combine them, add Reason’s Player MIDI FX units. When you want more options, Reason Rack Plugin can also be expanded with exclusive Rack Extension plugins. Create the studio rack of your dreams! 

The Reason Rack Plugin is included with Reason Intro. 

Reason for music production

When used standalone, Reason is a powerful virtual studio for fast and creative music production. 


Capture your musical ideas in Reason’s powerful sequencer. Record up to 16 audio and MIDI tracks. Perfect you recordings and automation with powerful and editing tools. Always in sync with your flow, forever adapting to you and your working methods, Reason's sequencer simply gets you there faster. 

Reason has a unique take on tempo, key and pitch. Record first and decide on tempo later with Reason’s always-on, real-time and project-wide time stretch. Want to try a new key? Transpose your audio and retain the tempo. Fine tune your vocal performances to perfection with Pitch Edit. Or rework, resample or reshape your recordings into something completely new. 

Extending your rack

When you're looking for even more creative options, plugins come to the rescue. You can expand your virtual rack with new, inspiring instruments and effects created by developers around the world—from modern effects to vintage instruments. Rack Extension plugins are full rack citizens, giving you a fully integrated experience. Or use industry standard VST plugins right in your Reason rack. 

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