Recovery Effects

Recovery The Mystic Semi-Modular Desktop Synth
Recovery ExMic Deluxe Microphone and Preamp
Recovery Motormatic Bit Crushing Ring Modulator Module
Recovery Sound Destruction Device Distortion Module
Recovery Pearl Heavy Low-End Eurorack Fuzz Module
Recovery Jupiter Spirits Four Voice Analog Osc Module
Recovery Dirty Murals Delay and Reverb Module
Recovery Cutting Room Floor Vintage Tape Echo Stutter Module
Recovery Bleeding Hearts Sequencer / Rhythm Generator Module
Recovery Bad Comrade Glitch / Pitch / Slice / Dice Module
Recovery Analog Kick Bass - Percussion Tool Module
Recovery ADSR Envelope Module
Sale price$109.00
Recovery ADSR Envelope Module
Recovery White Gold Choral Synthesizer Module
Recovery Sound Destruction Device Filter Pedal Pedal
Recovery Shortwave Lo-fi Radio/Wire Recorder Emulation Pedal
Recovery Phantom Operator Random Flux Filter Pedal
Recovery Revere Dynamic Op-Amp Overdrive Pedal
Recovery Moonstruck Real Spring Reverb + Delay Pedal
Recovery Pearl Heavy Low-End Vintage Fuzz Pedal
Recovery Ghost Writer Audio to MIDI Device Pedal
Recovery Gallows In The Morning Overdrive Reverb Pedal
Recovery Endless Summer Real Spring Reverb Booster Pedal
Recovery Electric Transparent Drive / Compression Pedal
Recovery Dirty Murals Delay + Reverb Pedal

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