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Complete Kit for the Autonomous Bassline Generator. Includes PCB v1.0.3, pre-programmed AVR ATtiny84 chip, and all the controls and components needed.

The Autonomous Bassline Generator is a mini synthesizer that generates ever-evolving melodies. Three buttons and two knobs allow for control of pitch, filter, PWM, LFO speed, tap tempo, and melody seed. An analog light-controlled filter gives even more control of sound in this all-in-one performance toy.
The ABG can also sync to more ABGs wirelessly, using the IR sync. You can create a synchronized orchestra or basslines!
The ABG is only available as a DIY kit (build it yourself). The kit is perfect for beginners.

The Autonomous Bassline Generator is part of the Andromeda Space Rocker series of IR-syncable noise-making gear. Each device can sync to other ASR devices by pointing their infrared sensors/emitters together. ASR devices are also light-sensitive, so a chain of beat-synced devices and be "played" by waving a flashlight over them to highlight individual sounds.

  • 1/4" output jack (mono). Connect directly to an amplifier
  • Requires 9V battery
  • IR sync send and receive allows for connecting multiple Bassline Generators in series



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