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The MOTU 112D is a flexible digital audio interface, router, format converter, and stand-alone mixer with connectivity to your computer through ultra-fast Thunderbolt technology, AVB Ethernet, or class-compliant, high-speed USB 2.0 (also compatible with USB 3.0 and iOS).

112 Channels of Simultaneous Digital Audio I/O
The 112D provides 24 channels of AES/EBU I/O, plus 24 channels of ADAT optical I/O. plus 64 channels of MADI I/O. That all adds up to 112 in and out, for 224 simultaneous channels of digital I/O. All input and output channels can be active simultaneously.

64 Channels of MADI
The 112D serves as a flexible 64-channel MADI interface, router and converter with near-zero latency and flexible outing/splitting to and from the AVB network, computer, AES/EBU and optical formats. The 112D supports both 64-cahnnel and 56-channel MADI at 1x sample rates, along with 32 channels at 2x and 16 channels at 4x.

24 Channels of AES/EBU and ADAT
Three 8-channel D-sub connectors supply 24 channels of AES/EBU digital I/O at sample rates of up to 96kHz. Three 8-channel ADAT banks provide 24 channels of optical I/O at rates up to 48kHz. At 88.2 or 96kHz, all six ADAT banks support 4-chanel SMUX operation for 24 channels of optical I/O at 2x sample rates.

Ultra-low I/O Latency
Every digital audio workstation has some form of latency. The only question is, how much? In the case of the 112D, the answer is, not much at all. In the 112D, latency is measured in a handful of samples, from the time an audio signal first arrives at an input to its arrival somewhere else (an output, the mixer, the network or the computer). By keeping latency this low in the hardware, the 112D helps minimizer latency introduced by your host software.

Thunderbolt Technology
Thunderbolt lets you connect displays, hard drives, and other peripherals to your computer, along with the 112D, and the Thunderbolt bus won’t even break a sweat. But more importantly, Thunderbolt gives you an astonishing 256 channels of computer I/O (128 in and out). You can use them to route audio to the physical inputs and outputs on the 112D, plus the 48-channel mixer inside the 112D, plus audio network streams. The 112D is one of the first interfaces to combine Thunderbolt I/O connectivity with MADI and AVB audio networking.

Audio Class-Compliant USB 2.0
Don’t have an Thunderbolt-equipped computer yet? Hi-speed USB 2.0 provides across-the-board compatibility with pretty much all laptops and desktops. The 112D is USB audio class compliant, which means you enjoy OS-level USB compatibility and support, which means you enjoy OS-level USB compatibility and support, including iPad support (with a camera connection kit sold separately) Since USB 2.0 devices are compatible with USB 3.0-equipped hosts, your 112D interface is a future-proof investment in your studio.

48-Channel Digital Mixing
The 112D is equipped with a 48-channel digital mixer designed just like a large format mixing console. The 48 inputs can take signal form anywhere: the physical inputs on the 112D interface itself, audio channels from host software on your computer, audio network streams, or even mixer outputs. The mixer provides 7 stereo aux busses, 3 groups, a reverb bus that can alternately serve as a 4th group, a Main Mix bus and a separate Monitor bus that can serve as a solo bus. In essence: capable and transparent mixing.

System Expansion and Audio Networking
The 112D network delivers AVB Ethernet, the new industry standard developed by the IEEE for professional audio networking. Add a second MOTU AVB interface with a simple Cat-5e or CAT-6 Ethernet cable. Connect up to five MOTU interfaces suing a MOTU AVB Switch (sold separately) or build a network with multiple interfaces and computers using standard AVB switches and network cabling, with ultra-low network latency, even over long cable runs (100 meters point to point). Stream hundreds of audio channels among devices and computers on the network.

Web App Control
The software that you use to control the 112D doesn’t reside on your hard drive. It’s a web app served from the hardware itself. This means you can control the 112D’s on-board DSP, mixing, device settings, and network audio routing from the web app software running in your favorite web browser on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone connected by wire or Wi-Fi to your local area network. Use any web client on any platform including Mac, Windows, Linus, iOS, and Android as long as it shares the same network.

Thunderbolt / AVB / USB audio interface and routing matrix with 112 channels of digital I/O.

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