10 Eurorack Modules You Should Look Into For 2024

Highlighting some of our favourite modules released in 2023 from reputable manufacturers in no particular order. Hopefully these Eurorack modules will find a way into your racks in 2024 and inspire you to create your own universe of sounds, both classic and avant-garde.   black and gray audio mixer

Blukac Instruments Endless Processor

The Blukac Instruments Endless Processor is a dual-channel infinite sound sustainer machine. It is not a looper in the usual sense - Endless Processor resynthesizes your sounds to create a perfect clickless stream while preserving the timbral and tonal character of the original. Stack your sounds (or move between them) to create harmonies, textures, or drones with 5 layers per channel.Blukac Instruments Endless ProcessorAlready own this module? Checkout the NEW Endless Processor (Ex)pander Kit that opens new possibilities for Endless Processor! Now, there is pitch control over both channels. You can shift one octave up or shift down to a full sound stop, covering multiple octaves, effectively replicating the variable speed replay effect. This allows for the creation of new textures from existing sounds.

Erica Synths Hexinverter Mindphaser Dual Oscillator

The Erica Synths Hexinverter Mindphaser is a next generation complex dual oscillator for the Eurorack modular synthesizer format. Its dual oscillator architecture builds on and advances principles developed decades ago, by pioneers of electronic music synthesis.Erica Synths Hexinverter Mindphaser Dual OscillatorMindphaser generates sounds through its dual VCO cores: the Carrier and Modulator, and in addition to these cores, a palette of intermodulation capability is offered through the Modulation Bus (ModBus) and a separate, supplementary through-zero phase modulation (TZ-PM) bus. The sound is further sculpted by a final set of tools contained in the Waveshaper, before reaching the final output.

Instruo OCHD Expander

Meet the Instruō øchd expander, an expansion module for one of Eurorack’s most beloved modulation sources, øchd. Launched in 2019 and designed in collaboration with Ben “DivKid” Wilson, the Instruō øchd has set a standard for compact and versatile modulation sources which can now be seen across thousands of eurorack systems. The Instruō øchd expander adds 16 outputs and 4 new sets of functionality to øchd’s normal operation.Instruo OCHD ExpanderUsing øchd’s LFOs as signal sources, øchd expander [ø]4^2 adds full wave rectified unipolar positive LFOs, analog diode logic for minimum and maximum voltage mixing, cascaded stochastic trigger signals for interesting rhythmic patterns, and R-2R 4-bit random voltage sources for all things wild and chaotic – all of which are controlled by øchd’s single frequency control and CV attenuverter.

Squarp Instruments Hermod+

Based on the established Hermod workflow and keeping the same form factor, Squarp Instruments' Hermod+ offers a lot of new features, and a refined, more playful interface with extended connectivity.Squarp Instruments Hermod+Hermod+ let's you record CV/Gate, MIDI notes and modulations on 16 polyphonic tracks. Compose melodic variations across 16 patterns per track, and take advantage of the advanced step sequencer and the new effects to gain efficiency and creativity in studio and on stage.

Qu-Bit Electronix Mojave Live Granular Processor

The Qu-Bit Mojave, a dynamic sandstorm-inspired granular processor, draws inspiration from the vast American Southwest deserts. Craft beautifully intricate sonic landscapes by utilizing microscopic audio bits.Qu-Bit Electronix Mojave Live Granular ProcessorMojave's unique melodic and rhythmic controls contextualize each grain, allowing you to generate clock-synced granular arpeggios or envelop your sound in harmonic swirls with ease. Effortlessly tailor each grain using individual knobs and construct diverse soundscapes. Mojave goes beyond modular signals; use the onboard microphone to manipulate acoustic audio and immerse yourself as the wind.

1010Music Bluebox Eurorack Edition

The 1010Music Bluebox Eurorack edition is the new Eurorack mixer with effects and multichannel recording/playback based on the award-winning bluebox desktop mixer. With the Eurorack edition’s USB-C EXT port, you can send 2 channels of audio to and from your computer.1010music bluebox eurorack editionPlus, with the 1010Music Bluebox Eurorack edition you can control up to 6 mix settings with the 6 CV inputs. Whether recording your Eurorack jams, using it to play stems as backing tracks, or a combination of both – bluebox Eurorack edition will rock your rack!

Make Noise Spectraphon Dual Spectral Oscillator

The Make Noise/soundhack Spectraphon music synthesizer module is a dual Spectral Oscillator coded by Tom Erbe of soundhack. It uses real-time spectral analysis and resynthesis to create new sounds from those that already exist.Make Noise Spectraphon Dual Spectral OscillatorThe Spectraphone is inspired by classic electronic musical instruments of the past, including spectral processors, additive synthesis, vocoders, and resonators especially the Buchla 296 and Touché, but it takes a physical form more resembling the classic analog dual complex oscillator in the lineage of the Buchla 259 and the Make Noise DPO.

NEW revision Spectranoise Firmware adds "Chaos" and "Noise" modes. Download it today!

Tiptop Buchla Model 296t Programmable Spectral Processor

The Tiptop Audio Buchla Model 296t is a 16 band spectral resonator & vocoder based on the original Buchla 296.Tiptop Buchla Model 296t Programmable Spectral ProcessorEquipped with 16 individual bandpass filters, the Buchla Model 296t Programmable Spectral Processor can act as a real-time performance filter, programmable compound equalizer, and even a spectrum-translating vocoder, providing analysis and synthesis capabilities.

Noise Engineering Alia Oscillator Platform

Alia is a 10HP oscillator platform and is the new home for your favorite Noise Engineering sounds, both classic and new. Turn your module into Basimilus Iteritas, their legendary percussive powerhouse; Manis Iteritas, a dark industrial techno machine; or Debel Iteritas, an additive PM voice inspired by yesteryear, or maybe even something completely different as new firmwares are released.Noise Engineering Alia Oscillator PlatformFirmware is always free for Alia owners, so swap out your sound whenever you need a new vibe. Alia has something for everyone.

Boredbrain Xcelon True Stereo Voltage-Controlled Mixer

Boredbrain Xcelon is an all-analog six-channel stereo audio mixer for eurorack modular systems. With an interface designed for immediate hands-on control and visual feedback, plus extensive CV and expandability, the module is a powerful mixing tool for both performance and production.Boredbrain Xcelon True Stereo Voltage-Controlled MixerThe 48 HP module consists of three main sections. On the left side are the channel inputs (both audio and CV), in the middle are the channel controls, and on the right are the mix outputs, plus FX i/o and controls.

Xaoc Batumi II Quadruple Low Frequency Oscillator

The Xaoc Batumi [ˌbaˈtumi] II is not merely a common LFO, times four. Instead, it offers four channels of wide-range voltage and tempo-controlled oscillators that may operate independently or in several synchronous modes, scoring 12 simultaneously available waveforms that may be phase offset or frequency dependent with variable ratios. It is a powerful, versatile, multifaceted modulation hub that may act as the central driving force for any modular patch.

Intellijel Sealegs 3U Multi-Model Stereo Delay with ReverbIntellijel Sealegs 3U Multi-Model Stereo Delay with Reverb

Intellijel Sealegs is a collection of effects centered around a true stereo multi-model delay. Tape, Bucket Brigade, and Crossfading Digital models; a saturating input drive; low- and high-pass filters; crackle & hiss generator; a multi-position 1970s-inspired reverb; internal modulators; nine CV inputs with attenuverters; three sets of ranges; clock sync/tap tempo; three unique stereo configurations.