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Highlighting some of our favourite pedals released in 2023 from reputable manufacturers in no particular order. Hopefully these pedals will find a way onto your pedalboard in 2024 and inspire you to create your own universe of sounds, both classic and avant-garde. Free Pedalboard Guitar photo and picture

Meris MercuryX Modular Reverb System

Meris' MercuryX, powered by an advanced ARM processor, rivals high-end studio rackmount units. Featuring eight custom reverb algorithms with extensive customization options, this pedal offers an intuitive screen interface and an expressive Hold Modifier for real-time control. It includes a deep modifier section for advanced signal routing, a stereo freeze feature, gate envelope controls, and 99 preset storage locations. With a digitally controlled analog mix bus, stereo I/O, MIDI connectivity, and assignable expression pedal control, MercuryX ensures top-notch sound quality through its premium analog signal path and 24-bit AD/DA with floating-point DSP.

Eventide H90 Harmonizer

Eventide's H90 Harmonizer stands as Eventide's cutting-edge multi-effects pedal. Whether you seek high-quality standard effects or unprecedented experimental sounds, the H90 provides all the tools to fuel your creativity. Its player-friendly intuitive UI ensures ease of use. Trusted by leading artists and producers over the years, the H90 offers 62 effect algorithms and numerous curated program combinations for various instruments and genres. With extensive I/O and versatile routing options, the H90 is crafted to serve as the central hub of your setup.

Collision Devices TARS Fuzz & Filter

Collision Devices TARS is a fuzz/analog filter pedal. It means "This Audio Reached Singularity". TARS’ fuzz part comes from the Black Hole Symmetry "Singularity" section. Put it through the analog "MS-20 style" filter to create fuzzy-noisy textures. Cut through the mix with the different filter and EQ possibilities or sweep between the frequencies to create huge waves of noise.

OBNE Beam Splitter Triple Tracker Distorter

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Beam Splitter takes one signal and makes three copies of it, each with differing overdrive voices and delay times. It is specifically our way of creating a huge sound out of a regular one. Output can be kept in parallel mono or split individually to three places. While the goal is singular bigness, you can also find strange filters, flangers, lo-fi vibratos, and trailing slap-back echoes using the delay controls and blending everything to taste.

IK Multimedia TONEX Amplifier/Cabinet/Pedal Modeler

IK Multimedia TONEX Pedal enables you to save and perform with your AI Machine Modeling Tone Models during live stage performances. Select from a vast array of coveted amps, cabinets, and pedals globally—or swiftly model your own equipment—then take them center stage at your feet. This pedal delivers an unprecedented level of authenticity and realism, offering access to everything from rare vintage amps to contemporary setups, making it cost-effective to possess the most desirable gear worldwide.

Strymon Ultraviolet Vintage Vibe

Delivering vintage vibe tone that's second to none with simple and powerful controls for instantly obtaining a rich variety of captivating sounds, Strymon's UltraViolet is the vibe pedal you've been looking for. UltraViolet's simple and responsive controls provide a wider range of sounds than traditional vibe pedals. At slow speeds, the intensity range has been expanded beyond that of traditional vibe circuits to push even further into warmly undulating sonic territory. UltraViolet gives you all the classic vibe tones - and more.

Beetronics Octahive V2 High Octave Fuzz

Meet the Octahive v2: inspired by iconic '70s octave pedals, it seamlessly blends vintage tones with modern enhancements. In BUZZZ mode, experience a fierce high-gain fuzz perfect for low riffage and powerful chords. Switch to OCTAVE mode for a psychedelic journey.This pedal combines vintage tone with cutting-edge features, allowing instant switching from BUZZZ to OCTAVE by holding the footswitch. A quick double tap seamlessly shifts between modes, keeping your creative flow buzzing.

Earthquaker Devices Ledges Tri-Dimensional Reverberation

Earthquaker Devices Ledges is a compact, three-mode reverb with the ability to save and recall six presets and user-assignable expression control with loads of customizable options. If you’re craving that warm, lush reverb tone from the players and songs you love, then this is your pedal. If you want to push the limits and take it further to sonic reaches that only you can uncover, then this is also your pedal. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted and needed out of a reverb.

Empress Effects Heavy Menace Distortion

Heavy Menace by Empress Effects is the most versatile distortion pedal we’ve ever created.  It’s an evolution of our original Heavy with new features and a compact enclosure. In addition to the original Heavy and Heavier modes, the Heavy Menace adds a new Lite(ish) mode, covering any high-gain sound from classic hard rock to searing modern metal.

Poly Effects Verbs Stereo Reverb

Verbs answers an age old question. Would your guitar sound good in the Pantheon of Rome? Or a nuclear reactor hall, a cave, a neolithic tomb, the London Palladium? The answer is yes. Poly Effects Verbs has 48 presets with different captures to explore. 8 of these can be filled with imported spaces you can capture yourself. Verbs has zero latency on your dry signal and uses analog dry though, so your dry sound is never converted. As well as unique real spaces, Verbs includes rigorously accurate captures of vintage gear including EMT140 plates, springs, 480L, and an oil can unit. The tone can be tweaked with the accurate sliders, providing 4096 values per slider. Presets and all values can be changed from MIDI.

Universal Audio Compact UAFX Pedals

Built upon powerful UAFX processing and UA’s world-leading analog modeling, Universal Audio's new UAFX compact single-footswitch stompboxes empower guitarists to create immersive soundscapes with unmatched sonic authenticity and ease of use.Orion Tape Echo gives guitarists the rich, three-dimensional effects of a thoroughly emulated vintage tape echo — light years beyond other tape delay pedals in its class.

Heavenly Plate Reverb gives you the sound of the 1950’s German-made studio reverbs responsible for decades of classic recorded guitar tones, in a compact stompbox.

Evermore Studio Reverb gives you the grainy ambient trails and mesmerizing modulations of the iconic late-'70s vintage digital hardware, in a compact, elegantly crafted stompbox.

1176 Studio Compressor remains the king of modern studio compression. Built on the powerful UAFX engine, the 1176 Studio Compressor delivers the same punchy, expressive tones of the world-renowned hardware, in a compact stompbox.

Walrus Audio Sloer Stereo Ambient Reverb

The Slöer Stereo Ambient Reverb builds on the popular Slö lineup but adds two additional reverb algorithms, stereo width control, two additional modulation wave shapes, and the ability to control the sample rate. Now you can create immersive, lush, modulated, sleepy, and ambient soundscapes with more width and depth than ever before. Walrus Audio Sloer combines vintage tone with cutting-edge features, allowing instant switching from BUZZZ to OCTAVE by holding the footswitch. A quick double tap seamlessly shifts between modes, keeping your creative flow buzzing.

Boss IR-200 Amp And Cabinet Simulator

Introducing the Boss IR-200: a compact amp/IR solution with next-level performance for guitar and bass. This powerhouse stomp offers exceptional audio quality, premium amps, deep sound shaping, and instant sound recall with 128 memories.With over 150 cab impulse responses on board and 128 slots for your own IRs, it transforms your pedalboard into a self-contained direct sound solution for live playing, studio recording, and practice. The IR-200 delivers massive amp tones in a small footprint, seamlessly integrating with your favorite pedals. Craft your tones and send them to a stage amp, house PA, recording system, or headphones - all at once.

Origin Effects Halcyon Gold Overdrive

The Origin Effects Halcyon Gold Overdrive, with its proprietary Adaptive Circuitry, is a dynamic and interactive pedal that adjusts its voicing in response to pick attack and volume changes. Inspired by the classic Klon® Centaur®, it recreates the characteristics of vintage diodes and incorporates innovative features beyond the original. Renowned for its clarity, dynamics, and clean blend, the Centaur® is the timeless foundation of this pedal, offering a natural quality ideal for driving any exceptional amplifier.