30 Amazing Things At NAMM 2024

The NAMM Show is one of the most highly anticipated events in the music industry and we've got all the updates for you! Every year, music manufacturers, distributors, and retailers from around the world gather to showcase their latest products and innovations.

From pedals & effects to synthesizers, from software to hardware, and everything in between, the NAMM Show 2024 is a must-see event for anyone in the music industry or for those who just love music. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at some of the top products that were presented this year!


Akai MPC Key 37 Standalone Production Keyboard MATRIXSYNTH: Introducing the MPC Key 37 | Standalone MPC Production  Keyboard by Akai Professional

Akai are back to offer the Akai Professional MPC Key 37 production synthesizer, a compact version of the MPC Key 61. The benefit here is you get the same power, the same iconic design, 37-note synth-action key-beds with aftertouch, usability as a 2-in-2-out audio interface, and it's not going to take up all the space you have.

Yamaha Seqtrak All-In-One Music Creation Station

Yamaha Seqtrak is an all new super exciting all-in-one system that includes drums, synths, sampling, and sequencing, all packed into a tight little box. It's the ultimate music creation station that empowers you to unlock your creativity from wherever you happen to be.Yamaha SeqtrakYou can choose between two colors, black or orange, and dive into deep editing, customize samples, and create videos with the SEQTRAK appSEQTRAK might be your next all-in-one portable music production solution.

Chompi Club Chompi Sampler

Meet CHOMPI...one of 2023’s most-talked-about new products! Chompi is a quirky, screen-free workflow Tape Music instrument inviting you into the magical world of sound design. With its one of a kind sampling engine, unique multi-effects and tape style looper, CHOMPI is ready for immediate fun.CHOMPI plays nice with others - Stereo line in/out, Midi in/out paired with analog and electronic instrumentsSample sounds via the built-in microphone or stereo input, and resample for creative manipulation. Trigger sounds in one-shot or transposed modes using the MX Cherry switch keyboard. Easily control playback speed, direction, endpoints, and envelope generator parameters. With seven voices of polyphony, unleash wild sampled soundscapes effortlessly. Shop HERE.

PWM Mantis Hybrid-analog Duophonic Synth

PWM Mantis Hybrid Analogue Synthesizer: DCOs with analogue anger -  gearnews.comPWM Mantis, previewed back in May 2023 at Superbooth, is a hybrid analog duophonic synthesizer with digital oscillators and fully analog signal path downstream that takes inspiration from the legendary WASP synthesizer. Oscar-style filter designed by the late Chris Huggett, it's a 37 note, fully weighted keybed with aftertouch & joystick and full USB-MIDI control. Shop PWM Mantis.

KingKORG Neo Virtual Analog Synthesizer

Korg KingKORG NEO: Neuer Look, neue Features und Vocoder! - gearnews.deKingKORG, the acclaimed and powerful Virtual Analog synth, is back in a compact 37 Full-size key model with fresh, new sounds, great vocoder, and a refreshed new look. Offering a modern update to this timeless virtual analog synthesizer, while also streamlining it into a much smaller size, KingKORG Neo embodies the convergence of many of Korg's enduring design philosophies. Experience the magic of its intuitive virtual patch function, innovative step arpeggiator, and a vocoder that opens up a universe of vocal possibilities.

SuperCritical Redshift 6 Six-voice Polyphonic Analog Synth

Although it won't ship until summer of 2024, Redshift 6 is already generating buzz in the synth community at this year's NAMM Show. Supercritical Synthesizers has introduced Redshift 6, an aesthetically appealing and sonically impressive synthesizer with specifications to support its acclaim.With six-part polyphony and multitimbrality, the synth lives up to its name and boasts highly flexible oscillators at its core. All these features make it a standout synthesizer to keep an eye on in the upcoming year. Available for preorder soon!


Tiptop Buchla 207t Mixer + Preamplifier

Tiptop Audio adeptly translates Buchla's modules into Eurorack, faithfully recreating the original 207 mixer and preamp with the new 207t module. It features a 6-in, 2-out audio mixer with a variable-gain preamp, capable of integrating microphones, electric guitars, and other external sources into your Eurorack system.Back in 2021, Buchla teamed up with Tiptop Audio to resume the production of Don Buchla's 200 series and convert it to Eurorack standards. A perfect choice for beginner synths while maintaining the workflow and sound of some of the best modular synthesizers of all time.

4MS Catalyst Series: Controller + Catalyst Sequencer

4MS has announced two new modules in the Catalyst series to sequence and control your modular: a creative step sequencer and a macro controller.Catalyst Sequencer is an 8-channel CV sequencer combining traditional clocked step-sequencing with unconventional phase-based sequencing to produce a new paradigm in sequencing.

Catalyst Controller is a macro controller with eight precision CV outputs, a responsive crossfader to morph between scenes and many features for automation and performance.

ALM Mega Milton Analog Utilities Module

ALM Busy Circuits' new Mega Milton puts all the analog utilities in a 8HP module! It's basically all the utilities you need in one place, that will greatly extend the functionality of your Eurorack system. It includes a stereo line input converter, a fixed 4 input mixer, a gated slew limiter, an analog White noise generator and a sample & hold.The 'MEGA MILTON' provides essential classic synthesizer building blocks for patching in any Eurorack system. Shop it HERE.

Bastl Instruments Neo Trinity 6-Channel Compact Modulation

Bastl Instruments' Neo Trinity is a 6-channel compact modulation hub with great musical complexity achievable with simple gestures. Each of the 6 channels can be either LFO, envelope generator, or a CV knob recorder, while their main parameter can be automated with the REC button.Each channel also features a recordable trigger generator with an algorithmic fill feature to get the inspiration started or to make things polymetric and keep your patches ever-changing. Use the SHIFT button to change modulation shapes and sync selected or all channels to an internal or external clock. Neo Trinity has been designed with performance in mind, so it includes channel mutes and allows storing whole presets as banks.

EQD Wave Transformer Transfiguration Oscillator

Earthquaker Devices Wave Transformer is an analog, vintage-voiced, voltage-controlled oscillator with over 8 octaves of accurate pitch tracking. It has 7 simultaneous wave outputs, including a unique Complex output.The Wave Transformer covers all of the bases you'd expect from a typical analog oscillator—including several variable tone-shaping controls—but it also includes a number of new and novel tricks that give it a sound all its own.

Erica Synths Megarack 8x126 HP Case Erica Synths Megarack: If G.A.S. got the best of you … - gearnews.com

Erica Synths Megarack case – a classically-shaped 8x126 HP all-aluminium case with side panels, featuring Erica Synths custom rails with threaded inserts providing 12A@+12V and 6A@-12V. This monolith will provide ample housing for your modules, all while retaining a sleek elegance not commonly found in cases of this size. Shop the case HERE.

Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave Desktop Module

Presenting the new desktop version of the 3rd Wave from Groove Synthesis, that provides 24 voices of polyphony, 4-part multitimbrality, and top-tier wavetable sound without a traditional keyboard. Following the legacy of hybrid wavetable synthesis, 3rd Wave employs digital oscillators and analog filtering, blending the advantages of both realms for sound creation.Yet, equipped with contemporary features like MPE support, an integrated wavetable editor, and extensive modulation routing, 3rd Wave epitomizes the evolution of wavetable synthesis. Shop Groove Synthesis.

Korg Icons To Desktop Modules

Wavestate, opsix, and modwave will soon be available as desktop module synths, catering to the needs of musicians and producers in need of these incredible new sound sources but who demand more flexible setup options and do not necessarily need a keyboard.These phenomenally powerful modules encapsulate all the features of the mkII versions of our digital synths into a sleek, compact, and highly convenient format - perfect for live, studio, or bedroom setups! With support for MIDI 2.0 Property Exchange and Polyphonic Aftertouch, these are the perfect companion for the Korg Keystage, and what's more, they can be installed in a 4u rack, or used as a desktop module - the choice is yours!


Keeley Muse Driver Full Range Overdrive Pedal

Resulting from a collaboration between Robert Keeley and Timmons, Keeley's Muse Driver offers a versatile range of tones, from clean boosts to germanium fuzz generators. With a three-control blues driver circuit and two voicing switches for Drive and Tone, it delivers a spectrum of drive tones.Keeley Electronics Muse Driver - Andy Timmons Professional Overdrive –  Found SoundEngineered for tone optimization, it meets the demands of artists like Andy Timmons, enhancing your rig's sound with the option to switch between true-bypass and buffered bypass modes.

Gamechanger MOD Series

Gamechanger Audio announces new MOD Series, a fusion of classic pedal design with the extraordinary world of modular synthesis. To kick things off, three timeless stereo effects are introduced: Chorus, Delay, and Reverb: each pedal has two modulation sources that you control with your performance.Gamechanger MOD Series: Patchable Pedals for Modular Footwork - gearnews.comEach of these effects features multiple algorithms, boasts an intuitive interface for easy manipulation, and includes a modular patch bay, adding an element of performance versatility. Models include:

MXR M309 Joshua Ambient Echo Delay Pedal MXR Joshua Ambient Echo review – a delay pedal that gives you the Edge,  with a range extending from the traditional to the experimental

The MXR Joshua Ambient Echo is a one-stop-shop sunk deep into iconic soundscapes, from tonal trips out of the ’60s and ’70s to the ethereal ambience of the ’80s. Once upon a time, you needed a whole rack processor to get these tones, but this pedal comes with everything you need to cop that distinct tonal palette in a modern and user-friendly format—and it’s already dialed in and ready to go.

ZOOM MS-200D+ Multistomp Drive Pedal

MS-200D+ MultiStomp for Guitarists | Buy Now | ZOOMZoom release the MultiStomp MS-200D+, a compelling 200 built-in effects compact gain workstation, including 164 Zoom presets and 36 emulations of classic tones that cover overdrives, distortions, boosts, fuzz, and more. This pedal is heading straight to the future too, not only can you power this with batteries or your standard 9v barrel jack, but it also has a USB-C per option too. Oh, and it's got an in-built tuner too. Shop MultiStomp MS-200D+.

Red Panda Radius Advance Ring Mod

Red Panda’s new Radius pedal has loads of deep tones to discover. Ostensibly a ring mod/frequency shifter, its unique controls will allow you to head to the outer limits with phase-shifting, tremolo sounds, and much, much more!Offering stereo output and precise control, Radius stands out as a cutting-edge pedal that pushes boundaries in the world of sound modulation—a true game-changer in the realm of effects pedals.

Walrus Audio Silt + Meraki Pedals

The Walrus Audio SILT Harmonic Fuzz is born of a collaboration with Jim Hagerman, a well-regarded expert in tube Hi-Fi and pedal design. Together, they created a monster new tube fuzz. This one uses a REAL TUBE in the circuit, which you can't help but love, along with some fun sonic options that make it stand out from your normal, run-of-the-mill fuzzy distortion pedal. Available in both red or black.Walrus Audio on X: "Whew. Two announcements in one week. 🫠 One annihilates  chords and the other is warm and cozy. Or use em' both together for some  cozy annihilation™. It's aWalrus Audio MERAKI, immerse yourself in true stereo analog delay with eight MN3005 bucket brigade chips to create warm, rich repeats capable of 1200ms of delay time with parallel, ping-pong and series delay modes. Independently control the delay times and modulation of the left and right channels to create syncopated repeats or keep them locked in to the same timing for classic delay sounds. Shop Meraki HERE.

Korg TM-70T Tuner & Metronome

The Korg TM-70T, the long-awaited tuner and metronome combo is here. Complete functionality in a compact body. The TM series, a ground-breaking concept of a combined tuner and metronome, boasts a wide variety of functions and outstanding visibility, and is the ultimate tuning and rhythm training item for wind and string instruments.The latest model, the TM-70T, further elevates the original concept making it easier to use than ever. It is not only small enough to fit in a pocket, but features a new display with improved visibility, and a new transpose function (F, Bb, Eb) , making it the ideal partner for any musician. The sound quality of the metronome and sound out has also been enhanced so that it is easy to hear even in noisy environments.


Heritage Audio i73 Pro Audio Interfaces

Heritage Audio introduces the i73® PRO family at NAMM 2024, the first-ever USB-C audio interfaces with built-in Class A 73-style preamps. The i73® PRO fam aims to provide musicians, producers and audio engineers with an easy path to that cherished analog experience that has inspired music creation since the early 70’s.All i73® PRO incorporate the same Class A transformer-balanced circuitry as Heritage Audio’s classic 73 style preamps, providing the end user with the ability to track with all that classic mojo and vibe but, for the first time, straight from any i73® PRO to a computer. Models include:

Mackie PROFXV3(+) Mixer Series

Mackie ProFXv3+ is a series of professional analog mixers / USB-C audio interfaces with powerful enhancements for studio-quality recordings and live streams.Capture your performance with Onyx preamps and channel EQ, add computer audio loopback, bring in calls via Bluetooth® and customize the upgraded GigFX+ effects on a color LCD screen. Models include:

MOTU 828 28x32 USB3 Audio Interface

Say hello to the redesigned MOTU 828 audio interfaceIntroduced back in 2001, the MOTU 828 interface quickly became a fixture in numerous project and professional studios globally. After over 20 years and multiple versions, an updated version of the MOTU 828 returns in its fifth iteration, now stronger than ever. Featuring a classic dual-preamp design, it boasts an expanded connectivity suite, dedicated mic inserts for external gear, robust 24-channel onboard DSP, rapid USB 3.0 architecture, and much more. Shop HERE.

Mackie Showbox All-in-one Performance Rig

Mackie Showbox Battery-Powered All-In-One Live Performance RigMackie ShowBox is a battery-powered all-in-one performance rig that lets you set up in seconds and take total control over your live sound, no matter where you perform. ShowBox offers all the audio inputs for solo gigs and small bands, replacing amps and PA speakers and adding effects you can tweak with the breakaway controller.

Zoom Essential Series Handy Recorders

Zoom, the esteemed audio manufacturer from Japan, introduces the latest iteration of three of its classic recorders: the Zoom H1, H4, and H6.Zoom Essential Series: H1, H4, and H6 Field Recorders with 32-bitBuilding upon their predecessors, the updated trio now bears the 'essential' label and retains the same fundamental ports and functionalities as their earlier versions. These new models feature 32-bit float recording capability, which removes the necessity for monitoring and adjusting gain levels.

 Sennheiser HD 490 PRO Open-Back Headphones

Sennheiser launches HD 490 PRO Studio headphones, a new open-back headphones, aimed at professionals in music production. One of the cool features is that they come with two types of machine-washable ear pads: velour for a slightly warmer sound and fabric for a flat, neutral response, depending on your stage production preference. You can toss them in with your laundry when they get dirty.The HD 490 PRO series is available now in two variants: the standard HD 490 Pro Studio and the HD 490 Pro Plus Studio, that includes additional accessories.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO X Limited Edition Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO X 100th anniversary headphones - Geeky Gadgets

beyerdynamic celebrates 100 years with the release of DT 770 PRO X Limited Edition headphones, the next chapter of a studio legend! Fusing classic 770 features with a new dynamic STELLAR.45 driver, they deliver unparalleled audio ideal for recording and monitoring. Keep in my this is a special edition, therefore quantities are limited! Shop HERE.


Hercules DJControl Inpulse T7 Premium Edition

Hercules has released DJControl Inpulse T7 Premium Edition at NAMM 2024, a premium edition of their popular beginner controller, the DJControl Inpulse T7!Hercules DJControl Inpulse T7 Premium EditionIn addition to stylish gold accents, the new 2-Deck Motorized DJ controller comes with an improved fader module conducive to scratching, a carry case, and 2 extra slipmats. The separate vinyl record, slipmat, and platter even allow you to remove the vinyl record, giving you full control of your performance.

AlphaTheta Omnis Duo All-In-One DJ System OMNIS-DUO is a portable battery-powered all-in-one DJ setup from AlphaTheta  - DJ TechTools

Pioneer DJ’s sister brand AlphaTheta announces new OMNIS-DUO, portable all-in-one DJ system, designed to create an amazing new DJ experience. With its compact size, Bluetooth connectivity, 2-deck + mixer interface and touchscreen, the battery-powered OMNIS-DUO is built to be totally portable, so you can throw parties anytime, anywhere.

KORG Handytraxx Play Battery-Powered Turntable

Korg introduces Handytraxx Play, a battery-powered portable DJ turntable, collaboratively designed with late Vestax CEO Toshihide Nakama, reviving the classic Handy Trax by the Japanese manufacturer. Portable Battery-Powered DJ Decks : Korg Handytraxx PlayIf you want to DJ with one turntable, the Handytraxx could be the answer. Featuring a built-in looper with variable playback speed function, the mobile record player also has a 3-watt speaker, and you can power it with a power bank through USB-C or AAA batteries. Preorder will be available soon!