Black Friday: Save 54$ on the Bjooks Vintage Synth Love Bundle

Special limited time offer on the Vintage Synth Love bundle - featuring INSPIRE THE MUSIC and SYNTH GEMS 1. Elevate your music production with these two inspiring gems, focusing on 50 years of Roland history, as well as vintage synthesizers. 

Bjooks, the Danish publisher behind acclaimed works like PUSH TURN MOVE, PEDAL CRUSH, and PATCH & TWEAK, has introduced the 'Vintage Synth Love' bundle. This special offer includes two of their highly regarded titles, SYNTH GEMS 1 and INSPIRE THE MUSIC: 50 Years of Roland History.

This exclusive bundle, offered solely until December 11th at select retailers, is now priced at $133, reflecting a $54 discount. This enticing deal encourages budding music creators and synth aficionados to delve into their passion for vintage synthesizers through two captivating hardcover books — each brimming with stunning visuals and illustrations, accompanied by detailed narratives on synthesizers spanning both historical and contemporary eras.

Bjooks is the perfect blend of quality and affordability, making it the ideal budget-friendly gift for book lovers on your holiday list.


Inspire The Music will ignite your passion for music creation, providing valuable insights and techniques to fuel your artistic journey, all while learning about the classic sounds of vintage and modern Roland gear. Inspire The Music, new Bjooks book dives into 50 years of Roland

Bjooks Synth Gems 1

Synth Gems 1 takes you on a visual journey, exploring the world of vintage synthesizers and uncovering hidden treasures of their sound, perfect for enthusiasts and producers looking to infuse their music with a touch of retro charm. Everything You Wanted to Know About the World of Classic Synthesizers –  Robb Report

Get the Vintage Synth Love bundle now and let the nostalgia and innovation blend seamlessly in your music creations! Offer lasts until December 11th only.

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