Save 15% off a massive range of JHS pedals

It only happens twice a year! Today until May 31st, SAVE UP TO 15% OFF a massive range of JHS pedals that are in stock including some of our favorites.


The JHS Colour Box V2 has all the same functionality of the popular V1 version with many new and improved additions like expanded EQ controls, a Hi/Lo switch for massive clean headroom, and the ability to pass phantom power to your condenser mics.

JHS Pedals Colour Box V2 Preamp Pedal


The RAT is one of the most classic and original designs in the history of effects pedals. Utilizing a specialized digital runway system to tap into nine unique analog circuits, the JHS PackRat Distortion promises to deliver a whopping nine different variations of Rat in one pedal.

JHS PACKRAT pedals pedal guitar black red pedalboard sale


No matter what Big Muff era you prefer, you can get 'em all in the JHS Muffuletta fuzz pedal. The Army Green version provides exactly the same circuit and sounds. The JHS Muff is a JHS original take on the classic circuit. You will find this version more powerful and less compressed, with a more haunting midrange.

JHS Pedals Muffuletta Distortion Fuzz Pedal Army GreenSale applies to pedals that are in stock ONLY. For more details, visit JHS Pedals' website

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