Save 25% on SoundID Reference Software from Sonarworks

Until July 6th, you can save 25% on SoundID Reference from Sonarworks: a software that let's you calibrate your speakers & headphones!Részvétel hangsúly Hates sonarworks room correction Szájvíz elad Kapcsolat

What is it? SoundID Reference is a standalone app and a DAW plugin that calibrates speakers and headphones to deliver an accurate studio reference sound. SoundID Reference supports over 480 headphone models and they are constantly increasing the number of supported headphones. You can find all SoundID Reference supported headphone models here.

How it works? Even the best speakers can't compensate for the acoustics of a poorly designed room. SoundID Reference compensates for that by measuring the frequency response of your room and speakers to create a calibration profile. For headphones - simply apply a pre-made calibration profile available in the software. With calibration applied, your music will sound great everywhere. 

What it does? Made for audio engineers, producers, musicians, DJs, composers, sound designers, game developers, and audiophiles, SoundID Reference ensures perfect translation so you can create music that sounds great on phones, laptops, earbuds, or wherever else its played.

Results? By working with the same reference sound with your colleagues and clients, you can save time and money, no matter the distance or gear you have. Make custom adjustments to the target curve in real time and manually select the frequency range that the calibration will be applied to. Various target modes - select flat to set the frequency response target to be neutral across all frequencies, create your presets or work on Dolby Atmos music target curve.

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Offer ends on July 6th, 2023 and is exclusive to Canada only. All information can be found on the Sonarworks website.

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