Osmose by Expressive E is the next-gen standalone expressive synth

The Expressive E Osmose is a revolutionary digital musical instrument that is designed to provide musicians with an intuitive and expressive way to play and control electronic sounds. This MIDI controller is a game changer for musicians who are looking to take their electronic music performances and productions to the next level. 

EXPRESSIVE E OSMOSE 49 synthesizer midi controller keyboard

One of the standout features of the Osmose is its wooden, hammer-action keyboard. The keyboard is designed to provide a feel that is similar to that of an acoustic piano, making it easy for musicians to transition between playing electronic and traditional instruments. This keyboard is also touch-sensitive, which means that the velocity of the notes you play can be used to control different aspects of the sound, such as volume or timbre. 

In addition to the keyboard, the Osmose also has a control surface that includes a touchpad, touch faders, and touch buttons. These controls can be used to adjust a wide range of parameters such as pitch, timbre, and volume, and can also be used to create complex and dynamic soundscapes. For example, you can use the touchpad to create tremolo effects by quickly moving your finger back and forth, or use the touch faders to create gradual changes in volume over time. One of the most unique features of the Osmose is its ability to be customized to fit the needs of the individual musician. The Osmose comes with a powerful software editor that allows you to create your own control mappings and assign different actions to the various controllers. This means that you can set up the Osmose to work exactly how you want it to, whether you're using it to perform live or in the studio. 

The Osmose is also designed to work with a wide range of software and hardware instruments. It supports a wide range of music production and performance software such as Ableton, Logic Pro, or FL Studio and can be used with a variety of other music production software and hardware. This makes the Osmose a versatile tool that can be used in a wide range of musical contexts.

All in all, the Expressive E Osmose is a powerful and versatile digital musical instrument that is designed to provide musicians with an intuitive and expressive way to play and control electronic sounds. The combination of the touch-sensitive keyboard and the control surface allows for real-time modulation of electronic sounds and the ability to customize the controls to fit the needs of the individual musician makes it a must-have for any electronic musician. Osmose is available for preorder now. Quantities are limited on Osmose, so be sure to get on the list while you can.

Make sure to update your Osmose's firmware before diving in. The current Osmose firmware is available in your customer account after registering your instrument. Find out more at expressivee.com.


  • Keybed: 49 full-size keys with three-dimensional control
  • Configurations: Standalone synthesizer, MPE MIDI Controller, and classic MIDI Controller
  • SoundEngine: Eagan Matrix, a digital modular engine by HakenAudio
  • Polyphony: Up to 24 voices
  • Interface: Color LCD screen, pitch and modulation sliders
  • Pedal Inputs: 2 continuous pedal inputs, assignable to sustain or synth parameters
  • MIDI : DIN MIDI In, MIDI Out/Thru, USB TypeB Audio
  • Output: Two¼" TS pseudo balanced line outputs, ¼" TRS headphone output
  • Dimensions: 894x316x87.5mm/35.2"x12.4"x3.4"
  • Weight: 8.3kg/18.4lbs
  • Power: External PSU with lockable connector, 12V, 1.5A, centerpositive